Have you heard? We're going on a road trip, and we're so blessed to be able to stop along the way to talk to these amazing creative folks!  There's so much to tell about each of them, and we'll be sharing more as we journey and interview them (don't miss the updates!) , but here's a tiny tidbit about each one. 

HandLettering Co.



July 7th, 2015


San Diego, CA


HandLettering Co. started as a way to share well-designed reminders of God's Word with family and friends in 2013.  They bring lovely, adventure-saturated aesthetics and powerful words together to create beautiful, visually striking art from Bible verses and hymns--Oh, and C.S. Lewis. Need we say more?

Here's a small sampling of their incredible work:

But don't stop now! There's soooo much more amazingness where that came from!:

More About HandLettering Co.          Website              Shop         

Madeline Drive


July 9th, 2015


Monrovia, CA



Amanda of Madeline Drive draws inspiration from her architectural training and the intricate patterns of Creation for her incredible woodcut designs.  She is pictured above with her husband Robert modeling the gorgeous Ombre Statement necklace she created. Her Etsy shop, started in 2012, sells delightful and beautifully precise art deco-inspired wedding invitations, place settings and ornaments for the Christmas Season.  

Here's just a small taste of her design work:

See more from Madeline Drive!:

Etsy Shop          Facebook Page

Rachel Osterman



July 18th, 2015


Junction City, OR



Rachel Osterman of RJOStudio has a way of expressing in rich, beautiful colors the wonder of everyday life. Inspired by her children, she creates artwork that captures moments of adventure and imagination that positively glow with joy (which is fitting, since Joy is her middle name!). 

There's much more to see! Check out more here:         Etsy Shop         Facebook Page

Katherine Jones



July 23rd, 2015


Seattle, WA




Katherine Scott Jones' blog is called "Story Matters." I'm not sure about you, but that's all I need to know I want to talk to this writer. That's not all there is, though. Katherine is a published writer, aspiring novelist, and conducts meaningful Q&As with authors and reviews books on her blog. She keeps the reviews coming rapidly, and delves deep with her questions for the authors, as well as her thoughts for readers. She is thoughtful, focused, and candid. We're looking forward to discussing stories with her! 

You can find Katherine here:

Story Matters Blog         Facebook Page         Google+         Twitter