Be the First Katie Eder


So it's been while. So long, in fact, that the name in the title of my last journal is no longer accurate. I actually started this draft of a post right before graduation. At the time, I wrote this introduction:

I'm sorry for the delay in posting this, the final journal of my senior project.  With final projects completed and packing begun, I finally have a moment to post this while I wait for my school files to copy over from the server to my hard drive.  It's weird doing this for the last time.

And it's kind of weird doing this now, too, after so much has happened. It's weird how different things are after school, out in the "real world." Weird how little anyone mentioned about this very awkward and painful transition.  Weird how much I had forgotten about the things I learned from my senior project. Re-reading this journal did me a world of good amidst all the scary reality and confusion that is life post-graduation. I think in a way it's a very good thing I didn't have the time to post this that day when I started this draft, because I really needed to hear what my past self had to say today. Hopefully it can help you, too.

So without an further ado, the final journal of my senior project: