A Room with a View


I did this one over the summer, while we were in Las Vegas for a teacher training conference, and I was desperately trying to pretend I wasn't in Las Vegas. Fortunately it wasn't too hard once I figured out how to navigate without walking through the casino and just stayed around the Grand Canal area in the Venetian. There I could sit on benches in the fake but believable eternal twilight, listening to the water and hearing the gondoliers sing in accents I could almost believe were Italian if I wasn't listening too hard, while people walked by, shopping and talking. There were even pigeons, which I tried to capture in a few other drawings I did over those couple of days. I need to scan and color the rest--I was pretty pleased with how the architecture turned out, as I've always been rather afraid of drawing much more than people and found that I actually really enjoyed focusing on the buildings and bridges, and most of all, lampposts!

It was actually, after awhile, a pretty peaceful trip, especially after our crazy rush to plan a wedding in a month or so and move across the country in three days once we found out we had jobs. In the mornings, while Ethan was in the conference (it was about Singapore Math, which I wasn't going to be teaching at the time, and funnily enough, am now) I would sit on a bench with some coffee and just look around and imagine myself in Europe instead of Nevada. It was so quiet, before the gondoliers came and the tourists started their shopping. Very peaceful.

I don't really know where that was going. I suppose I was just thinking about all the things that have happened this year and wondering what's coming next, once the school closes and we have to move on this summer. That trip was kind of a calm between storms--moving and school starting--and I guess I feel like most of the rest of this year has been all storm. Although it is rather exciting to think about the upcoming adventure of moving and new places again, calm sounds pretty good.