Let the Breeze In!

letthebreezein_webThis is the more dramatic version of what I did this afternoon after recess with the students. When I stepped outside, I checked the thermometer outside the door and thought it was broken, because it read an unbelievable, miraculous 59 degrees! It was gorgeous, no one wore jackets for more than a few seconds after stepping outside, and we played cricket with upside down trash cans and a tennis racket. Recess sped by (a frequently rare occurrence) and when I came back inside, Ethan and I opened up several windows to let the fresh air in. This was a good call not only because there were still paint fumes from the kindergartener's drip painting project, but also because it was relatively warm and smelled like the promise of spring (albeit a faraway one)!

I can't wait for spring to come for real, but this was a very nice preview.