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guesswho_announcement_1_1_webI suppose you don't really have to guess now...

The picture Ethan took of me being especially ecstatic the other day was when I opened the box containing ten 16" x 35" "Dreaming up Darcy" posters, depicting Jane Austen daydreaming up the most famous of Austen men. These lovely posters will be for sale upon the opening of my new etsy shop (and if I get enough interest I will order more!).

I had a lot of fun packaging up the posters today! I saved extra kraft paper from all the shipments I've gotten recently, ironed it out as best I could (my iron's maiden voyage was on kraft paper--it's going to be a weird life for the iron, I'm sure), and drew tons of umbrellas on it with a sharpie. I was worried it wouldn't work at all, but once I rolled the posters up in the kraft paper and tied them up with a little string, they looked pretty good! Yay saving money! I snapped a few pictures for your viewing pleasure: