Art Show at the Lancaster Theater!

I had my first-ever art show this past weekend, and boy, am I tired! I never really realize how much effort I'm putting into something big until afterwards, when I absolutely crash. Hence the delay with posting pictures. But here they are, as promised! First, to give you an idea how wonderfully patient and loving my husband is, one small image of what he had to put up with all week:


Keep in mind, that's the majority of our apartment right there. The kitchen was just as bad, if not worse. I think the only room safe from all the kraft paper and hobby lobby bags was our bedroom.  And yes, that is our pet sock monkey, Mortimer, on the couch offering his moral support, and patently waiting to be dug out from the piles of paper.

Overall the show went very well! It was incredibly exciting (and terrifying!) to share my work with everyone. Friday afternoon after I had set up and gotten through all that craziness, I almost didn't even want to go; I was so nervous and second-guessing myself all the way there. But it was worth the nerves--it was amazingly gratifying to receive so many smiles from the people that passed by my tables and looked at my work, even if they didn't stop to buy something.  That being said, I did actually sell some things, and I was very grateful for that as well!

Anyway, enough intro. Pictures! You can click on any one of them to see it bigger.