Trying Something New!

This week I finally found a bit of time for a personal project I’ve wanted to get to—trying a new medium.  I’ve been itching to do something I could actually touch for a long time (digital comes with a nice Ctrl Z button, but just isn’t the same). Awhile back I came across a very talented artist, Elly MacKay, who uses a paper theater for her artwork, so (after initially wondering why I even try since she’s so talented) I thought I’d give it a shot myself, in my own style, with some fabric thrown in. I’m thinking of trying more illustrations with at least certain articles of characters’ clothing actually made from fabric, but to just try it out, I stuck with a scene from one of my favorite books that wouldn’t involve as much preparation and time.  So here’s my first paper test—a scene from J.D. Salinger’s Franny and Zooey.


I wasn’t planning on putting in the text from the book, but it seemed to fit and I like the idea. I’m thinking of doing more illustrations from other books (probably more recognizable ones) and including bits of the text in them as well.

I absolutely loved this process, and really want to pursue it further. I’d love to do more of these, and will anyway for fun, but I’m curious what you all think before I get too carried away.

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For anyone that’s interested, here are some pictures of the process. Click on the images to read a little more about it in the image carousel.