Mermaid Square and What is my Art Saying?


The other day I had fun experimenting with some different styles, drawing things just because. It may not result in the most amazing artwork, but it's nice to free myself from having to create an entire story within a scene sometimes.  It's less pressure. Something I've been thinking about a lot lately is whether or not pieces like this, without a whole story, are really good art. They aren't saying something in particular.

(Let me clarify here that when I see other artist's work that doesn't tell a whole story or say something clearly, I don't automatically think it is bad art. This is me thinking as a self-critic.)

Maybe it's just my guilty nature, or one of my college professors in my head, but sometimes I'm not sure. The joy of creating is there, certainly, and that's good.  I think sometimes I put too much pressure on myself and my artwork to mean and say something very particular, and I'm not sure that's always good. I don't know. Anyway...

This one is a continuous contour drawing I finished off with watercolor.  I did a sketch first because I wasn't super confident in my ability to complete a contour drawing on the fly, and it's not really all one line, but it's broken up into one line sections. One step at a time.