Making the Best of a Biege Box

Beige apartments are gross. I get why apartment complexes paint all of their walls beige, but still. It's a depressing way to live. Last year (in another apartment) we painted over a couple of walls, which was very helpful, but also a lot of work at both ends, and when you consider yourselves nomads of a sort and  don't really plan where we're going to be more than a year in advance, sometimes it's just not worth it. Especially because I get bored with any arrangement and colors within a few months. I start getting restless and twitchy if I can't change things up. I think this just gets worse because of spending so much time alone--it's been a tough couple of weeks that way. My patient husband has learned to expect a complete re-arrangement of all studio (what would otherwise be living room) furniture every so often.  We moved into our current apartment in the spring, and, now, of course, right as school is starting back up again and Ethan's life is getting more stressful, I start getting the itch to change everything. I tried to keep it as painless as possible for him while still getting as far from our original set up as I could.

Another problem with our current apartment is natural lighting. There isn't much. It's pretty cave-like in here, except at just the right time of day (which is when I took the following pictures).  With my old setup I hardly had any of that rare natural light on my work area, so I changed it, and added lots of green to make it feel less beige. We binge-bought fake plants (because I can't kill them) and even a couple of actual living ones (because I still have hope).

Here are a couple pictures of the result so far--I'm not quite done yet.




Since I've been alone so much and going a bit crazy, I also made this awesome desk buddy out of a ginseng plant (click on the pictures for a bigger view):

And added an inspirational speaking feather to my bulletin board:


I've been doing more than just pushing furniture around, too--I have some new projects in the works that I'll be sharing with you soon!