The Joys of Spontaneous Creation

I've really been enjoying creating original pieces! There's something about actually getting my hands dirty (and not being able to ctrl+z if I mess things up) that really boosts my creative process.  This one was literally inspired by a blob of paint. I was mixing some paint for something else, really liked the color I come up with partway, and had this crazy urge to just paint something with it. So I painted a whole piece of paper without a clue what I was doing. Then I knew I wanted to add something bright red, but didn't quite know what. So I grabbed some red fabric and starting cutting… All the other pieces just tumbled out in the same way, one thing at a time, nothing planned, and it was AMAZING. Whether or not the final result is perfect (it's definitely not), the process was extremely rewarding for me. I forgot to take process pictures all the way through, but I managed to document most of it. Here are some process pictures and the final image without the shadowbox frame: